Delivering cost optimised fuel tanks with desired strength

A reputed name in the fuel storage management sector, approached us with a specific requirement. They needed fuel tanks with a specific design and strength at an optimised cost. The parameters of cost and strength were crucial, as this was a new range of product, in addition to an existing range of higher priced tanks they already had.

The Execution

Having received the drawings and design for the prototype from the client, the CSPL Growth Lab studied them in detail and came up with improvisations for certain design aspects which were not possible to be executed as per the customer's requirement due to design limitations. This was done in collaboration with the client's global design team.

This included use of alternate parts & components to secure the top of the tank from warping under pressure, without increasing its thickness or compromising on its strength. We also suggested an alternate welding layout so that the tank could be welded from both inside & outside.

The Result

The desired fuel tanks were improvised and delivered by CSPL. The two most crucial parameters- optimised cost and uncompromised strength were achieved as per the standards set by the client's global design team.