Improvising & enhancing the design of charging stations in-house

A well-known European charging stations manufacturer came to us with the task of producing charging stations for the electric vehicles. The assembly of the charging station consisted of 50 parts, which had to be welded as per the design presented to us. The challenge to weld 50 parts into one unit was an exciting one for the CSPL team.

The Execution

As we took up the manufacturing of the said charging unit, we realised that the lower thickness of the proposed material, led to welding distortion. The Growth Lab team at CSPL stepped in. After studying the parts, it suggested an alternate design that reduced the number of parts from 50 to 40. We created a new tool in-house to achieve this.

The Result

The new design by CSPL had reduced number of loose parts. This resulted in reduced welding and the associated distortion. Also, fewer number of parts ensured increased strength of the charging station. Since reduced welding meant fewer joints, it also improved the aesthetic appeal. More importantly, the client appreciated the new design and regularised it for future manufacturing purposes.