Heavy Fabrication

At CSPL, the manufacturing units have the machinery and skill sets to deliver heavy fabrication projects. With advanced machinery for welding and a qualified team, CSPL fabricates the required output exactly as per the engineering drawings received by us.

  • A 3500 sq.ft. heavy fabrication shop
  • 2 Cranes of 3 tonnes and 5 tonnes capacity
  • Both MIG welding stations and robotic welding available
  • 04 FRONIUS make programmable MIG welding machines for full welding jobs
  • Several programmable & password protected MIG welding stations for Stitch / TAG welding
  • Robotic welding consists of 3-Axis ABB Robot and FRONIUS Welding machine coupled with a turntable enabling to weld a job size of 2.5 m (L) x 2.5 m (W) x 2.0 m (H)
  • Qualified GMAW (AWS D1.1) certified welder team

You have a Design? We will execute it for you.

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