Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is an important procedure, which is regularly employed to roughen up smooth surfaces to enhance their paint adhesion and increase the coating life to reduce maintenance costs. CSPL manufacturing units are well-equipped with modern shot blasting equipment.

  • Dust-free shot blasting booth with automatic shot / dust collection and screw conveyor on the floor
  • Maximum job that can be blasted: 3 m (L) x 2.5 m (W) x 2.5 m (H)
  • Internal hoist with a capacity of 3 tonnes
  • Entry and exit of jobs on a trolley laid on floor tracks
  • Continuous dust collection and passing through filters to recycle usable shots for better efficiency
  • Appropriate circulation of air with blasting suit, coupled with fresh air supply for operator safety
  • Dead man handle for blaster safety

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